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Broom corn Scrubber / Cake Tester

Broom corn Scrubber / Cake Tester

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These broom corn scrubbers/ cake tester celebrate the beauty and simplicity in using natural fibers for daily tasks.

Hand woven from broom corn and hemp.

They are great for decor, for scrubbing hard vegetables, cleaning cast iron cookware, hard-to-clean spaces, and even as a cake tester.

After each use, rinse and hang to dry completely.

Cake tester - This traditional kitchen tool allows you to test your baked goods. The natural broom corn fibers hold moist dough/ batter well, so you can clearly see if more cooking is needed. Simply break a fiber off the scrubber. 

Material: Broom corn and hemp

Dimensions: 5"x 1.5" approximately.


**Please note these are handmade goods and they may slightly differ from the ones shown on the images. 


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