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Ixtle Brush

Ixtle Brush

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These brushes celebrate the beauty and simplicity in using natural fibers for daily tasks.

Hand woven from Ixtle and hemp.

The fiber has a soft to medium texture ideal for light dusting and cleaning. It can be used to clean desks and keyboards or for decor.

Ixtle is usually known as Tampico. It comes from the Agave Lechugilla plant which is unique to northern Mexico where it only grows in the high altitude deserts.

After the cactus leaf is harvested the fibers inside the leaf are extracted, dried, and processed.




Material: Ixtle (Tampico) and hemp

Dimensions: 6"x 1.5" approximately.


**Please note these are handmade goods and they may slightly differ from the ones shown on the images. 


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